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Having worked in the project management side of the industry, I learnt early on that, projects are complex.


With the great number of variables, they can quickly get out of hand without the right tools and frameworks to manage them. 

PMP is a global gold-standard in project management and here’s what I have learned with my years of project management experience:

It is difficult: It is no easy task to pass the PMP exam also the process of getting PMI membership

up to filling out the exam application with the necessary paperwork in hand can seem complicated. Without the proper guidance and support from course providers, it could take you much longer till you land the certificate.

It is time-consuming: Project managers are extremely busy people. Taking up a course like this requires total commitment. Without carefully curated study plans by mentors & trainers that suit your schedule, you would find it hard to juggle between work and exam preparation. That is why while some take months others take years to pass the PMP exam

It adds value to your resume: It demonstrates you have the specific skills employers seek, dedication to excellence, and the capacity to perform at the highest levels.

Helps you learn important skills: Through rigorous PMP training and coursework, you increase your versatility and broaden your skill set to deal with different types of people, processes, and environments.

It helps you earn more: Surveys conducted by PMI reveal that certified PMP individuals get paid 20-25%more than their peers.

It provides networking opportunities through PMI communities and events, social media groups, apps, emails,

and other platforms and helps you connect with other Project managers to exchange information, develop contacts,

further your career, and further project success.

It validates your dedication to the job: Renewing your certification enables you to demonstrate your commitment to continuing professional development. It also demonstrates the value of your knowledge to employers, peers, and colleagues.


pmp certificate without exam - pmp certificate without exam Singapore,Canada / WhatsApp+1(743) 232-0225

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