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The new PMP Exam Content outline, includes some modifications to existing tasks, removal of a few tasks and the addition of eight new tasks. Some of the main drivers for the exam changes include:

  • Emphasis on business strategy and benefits realization
  • Values of lessons learned
  • Project charter responsibility
  • Enhancing stakeholder relationship.

 Get Project Management Certificate Online WhatsApp +971 589172616

PMI states that about 25% content change is based on new topics from the 8 new tasks, which were previously not tested. Note that in addition there are other changes to overall exam questions, which will be updated that are not tied to these 8 new tasks.
One of the reasons why PMI has moved the exam changeover date to 11 January 2016 is to give Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.s) more time to include all the new concepts into their training materials. It is their responsibility to ensure that their training materials are up to date. And so, as a student, this should not concern you too much. You should simply be able to expect that your provider ensures that your training materials are current. That’s what you are paying for.

WhatsApp +971 589172616

 Get Project Management Certificate Online- Get Project Management Certificate Online


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