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Why you need to buy a Project Management Certificate WhatsApp+1(743) 232-0225 /  https://www.buyprojectsmanagementcertificatewithoutexams.com/  Buy pmp certificate Germany,Buy PMP Certification,Buy PMP Certification Now

Project Management Professional (PMP) is the most important globally acknowledged project management certification for project managers provided by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Project Management Certification further helps us to understand the 5 basic steps of project management:

Initiation: Initiation is the first step of project management that involves defining the project, identifying stakeholders and determining project feasibility.

Planning: Planning involves making the outline of a project, which includes costs, the sequence of events, communication with stakeholders, schedules, budget, and risk.

Execution: The execution phase involves the evaluation of the plan and begins the actual work of executing by putting the plan into action.

Monitoring and Controlling: Monitoring and Controlling involve tracking progress and comparing it with the plan. It’s important to conduct quality control checks throughout the process.

Closure: Closure involves delivery to the client and getting their feedback. Closure requires evaluation of the project if everything went on as planned and discussed with the stakeholders.

Project Management Professional (PMPcertification will not only give your project a better performance but also help you upskill in your career. There can be many reasons why should one take up the PMP certification.


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Let me give you the 10 most popular reasons to get PMP certified.

  1. Makes you a better project manager
  2. Adds value to the resume
  3. More job opportunities
  4. Salary hikes
  5. Validates dedication to the job
  6. Globally Acknowledged
  7. Better project performance
  8. Increased networking opportunities
  9. Job security
  10. Master in practical application

The employers take the PMP certification seriously, as it is the most valuable certification today. Interviewers searching for a project manager understand the value of this certification. There are some companies that have made PMP certification a must.

PMP certification on the resume also helps advance in the current company. The process of acquiring of PMP certification brings sanity to the project manager in different ways. The project manager with PMP certification becomes familiar with the industry norms, practical knowledge, and all the other constraints of the project management.

PMP certified project managers are found to be better at completing the project effectively and efficiently. The certification increases the trust factor of the interviewer, that one can manage complex projects.

PMP certification requires several months of work experience and several hours of project management training. The certification indicates the seriousness of a project manager towards a long term career path. PMP certification provides credibility and shows that the person has all the qualities that a project manager must-have.

PMI global survey shows that a PMP certified project manager earns 20% more than the non-certified ones.

The median salary for the non-PMP Project Manager is $91,000.
The median salary for PMP certified Project Manager’s salary is $111,000.

Salary of PMP certified Project Manager is 20% higher than the non-certified Project Manager.

You can also check this video to understand the basics of PMP certification. This video will also give you an idea of the pros that PMP certification brings with it


Email : Certifiedexperts1@gmail.com

WhatsApp+1(743) 232-0225

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